The Party Caricaturist who is also a professional Cartoonist

Kate Garraway & Lynda Bellingham

Thanks to GoodyPass for this pic of Kate Garraway and Lynda Bellingham!

IF YOU'RE THROWING a party or organising an event you can make sure your guests remember you by hiring a professional cartoonist to draw live caricatures on the spot.

Each caricature is drawn within five minutes including bodies and hobbies and each sheet can be pre-printed with your personal message or company logo.

People love seeing a cartoonist at work and they will keep the unique caricature as a treasured gift and permanent memento of your hospitality. A party caricaturist is ideal for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, company parties, corporate events and conferences, at exhibition stands and all sorts of entertainments.

As a professional cartoonist whose work has appeared in many national newspapers and magazines you can be assured of the best results and a totally reliable service. As well as caricatures at events, I provide caricatures from photos as unique gifts of individuals or of groups of up to sixty people. I draw cartoons at company brainstorming sessions to illustrate the key points and provide cartoons for books, magazines, websites and presentations.



The Caricature Art of
a Live Caricaturist
living and working in London

THIS WEBSITE contains all aspects of my work as a cartoonist producing cartoons for websites, publications and presentations as well as a fully-stocked portfolio of caricature work from photos and on the spot produving live caricatures as an entertainment at weddings, parties and corporate events. Please take a while to look around and peruse the caricature and cartoon art of a professional live caricaturist once known as The London Caricaturist.


"I just wanted to say a massive and huge thanks to you for making it such a great night on Saturday. I cannot remember the amount of times people have said what a great time they had and that the caricaturist was fantastic – you truly did a great job." – Alison Norman

"JUST A NOTE to thank you so much for last night. You were excellent and very well received by everyone. Many have commented this morning. The Commanding Officer's caricature was particularly good, and as he is the boss that was ideal! I shall certainly recommend you to the wider Army." – The Welsh Guards

"A VERY belated thank you for our caricatures at our Christmas Party. Everyone was hugely impressed with you as the surprise, my red underwear is still being mentioned!" – Pinpoint Corporate Services 

“Simon is phenomenally creative. He continues to surprise me in all his work he achieves. A true entrepreneur and has something special about him that is out of the ordinary. I would recommend him in all his multi faceted creative visual and written skills.” – Harper Collins

"It is always very pleasant to deal with a true professional. A big thank you for making our event a great success! Look forward to working with you again!" – BDD Events

"Thank you very much for your great work, flexibility and patience" – JP Morgan

Caricature of Caroline  Caricature of George  Caricature of Louise

Often produced with a splash of colour and including bodies and hobbies, each caricature becomes a valuable keepsake and the whole experience at your party becomes a talking point for weeks afterwards!

Make sure they remember your party!









What is a CARICATURIST and what are CARICATURES?

A CARICATURIST is many things as well as being a very difficult word to spell. The variations include CHARACATURIST, CHARACTURIST, CHARACTERTURIST and CARICTURIST. Sometimes I even receive the query: "I'm looking to hire a caricature for my party." Of course, they mean 'caricaturist' but it's one hell of a difficult word. Far easier is the well-known 'cartoonist'

For that is what a caricaturist is: a cartoonist who concentrates on drawing people – and their faces in particular. A caricature can be fairly accurately described as a CARTOON PORTRAIT – a drawing of a person that is not too serious.

Caricatures are, essentially the human face taken and exaggerated so that all the features that make that person so recognisable are amplified. It is said that the human brain learns to recognise different people by doing just this very thing. We all mentally exaggerate the features of the people we see so that we can remember who they are. "Here comes the guy with the big nose," "Oh there's 'droopy eyes'" You can see how you don't have to be a professional caricaturist  and yet you'll be using caricaturing techniques every day!

But let's FACE it! (Excuse me.) Caricatures and cartoons are fun, whether in print or at parties and events. And if they can lighten your load for a while, they're a very worthwhile form of entertainment.




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